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Ballistic Addon Studios
Ballistic Addon Studios2


2D Ebud, Tigershark, Jaguar, Rom
3D DeadMeat, Tigershark, Rom, Jaguar
Script Rom
Code DeadMeat, Rom
Missions Fer
Other Messiah, Serclaes, Firefly, Rune, Varry, Kanotson


With the new game comes a renewed BAS, and a change of name. Today's line-up features some new faces, and many old ones; a new site, a new logo, and most importantly, a new ethos. BAS founder, Tigershark, explains:

"We are calling ourselves BAS2 in order to emphasise that we want to fundamentally change our approach to our work, the community and how we share our contributions with it. We are going back to basics and hopefully, like the mythical Phoenix that rose from the ashes of its fiery destruction, we will transform ourselves into a studio that once again recaptures the essence of what it is to be a great contributor to what is a phenomenal game."

"We want to pay more attention to tutorials, share the research we do and make BAS2 a repository of knowledge for all the resources that are used to make up our addons. What I hope to personally see is BAS2 becoming a more open and transparent studio, and recapture the respect of the community that once held us (and hopefully still does hold us) in high regard."

Under the day-to-day management of long-time BAS veteran, DeadMeat, BAS2 will focus on a wide range of activities. In the coming months details of forthcoming BAS2 projects will be announced. New sections and features are also planned for the site, covering topics including tutorials, missions and other useful information. As always, we thank the community for its continued support.



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