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The Bundeswehr Mod (BWMod) is dedicated to creating accurate addons of the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) for use within Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, Armed Assault and Arma 2.

Since the mods founding in 2001, over 50 addons were released for Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, Armed Assault and Arma 2

By now, the team has ceased modding completely.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance


You can find all our releases in our our download section.
Earlier releases may be found at ofp.info link courtesy of

Compability Issues

Earlier releases (e.g. M.M.P. releases or BWMod v 1.2) are incompatible with the current version of our addons.
We do not recommend using these addons with our releases!


BWMod Tiger
BWMod Marder
BWMod Dingo
BWMod Gepard

Armed Assault


Within Armed Assault, the Bundeswehr Mods primary intention was to release a fullmod including German addons as well as OPFOR-addons for use within our campaign.
Due to Armed Assault being a big disappointment to both the team and most of the community, the team was not able to fulfill it is goals and only made some minor releases.


You can find the latest version of our mod for Armed Assault in our our download section.


Wiesel MK20
Pzh 2000 & Tiger

Arma 2


BWMod v 1.7 has been released on May 30th, 2010 and is available for download on our homepage.
As of now, v 1.7 is not compatible with Operation Arrowhead, however a community-made fix is available at Armed-Assault.de.

Key features

  • includes various personal weapons in use with the German Bundeswehr
  • includes various character models: squadleader, rifleman, tank crew, ...
  • includes various wheeled vehicles: MAN 5t truck variants ,TPz Fuchs 1A6, Fuchs BAT, ...
  • includes various tracked vehicles: Wiesel 2 Ozelot, SPz Marder 1A5, Leopard 2A6, ...
  • includes UH-1D transport helicopter
  • includes most vehicles in NATO camo, desert camo and with ISAF markings
  • supports both XEH & ACE (beta)
  • separate ACE config available
  • highly customizable: tactical vehicle signs, license plates, rank and tank ids
  • new script effects: unique vehicle smoke screen and fire effects, Panzerfaust 3 backblast
  • numerous missions, including coopevent missions used during the betaphase of our addons


German Soldiers

Additional Information


burns Screenshots
Colditz Models, Textures
Ebola Models, Textures
Helifreak Models, Textures
Ivan Models, Textures
Metalchris Models, Textures, Missions
Praetorian Military advisor
Snorri Textures
TeRp Coding, Configs, LODs


Homepage: http://bwmod.armedassault.info