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This is list of mods which have not article on Biki. To make your mod more visible create your own Mod article which will be listed on Community Mod Pages category site.

- Please list your Mod Page in this category in alphabetical order.
- Do not create duplicates (mod can be in this list or have its own article, but not both)!

OFP Mods

flag uk.gif flag argentina.gif 1982 Flashpoint in the Falklands -

flag usa.gif American Civil War Mod -

flag australia.gif Australian Defence Forces -

flag japan.gif Battle Over Hokkaido -

flag portugal.gif Colonial Wars Mod -

flag argentina.gif Conflicto de Malvinas -

Crisis Kosovo -

DC-3D -


Fallschirmjäger 1939-1942 -

flag spain.gif Fuerzas Armadas Mod -

flag argentina.gif Fuerzas de Defensa Argentina -

flag greece.gif Hellenic Warfare Mod -

Invasion 1944 Mod -

Iraqi Mod: Unforseen Circumstances -

flag poland.gif Karbala Mod -

Lega Warz Mod -

flag russia.gif Liberation 1941-45 -

flag netherlands.gif Lowlands Warrior Mod -

flag poland.gif Ludowe Wojsko Polskie -

flag norway.gif Norwegian Military Forces Project -

flag canada.gif Operation Northstar -

flag italy.gif Pedagne Mod -

SEB Nam Pack 2 -

flag russia.gif Spetsnaz Mod -

flag sweden.gif Swedish Forces Pack -

flag switzerland.gif SwissMOD -

flag taiwan.gif Taiwan Workshop Mod -

flag germany.gif Team Yankee Mod -

flag turkey.gif Turkish Union Mod -

flag china.gif Virtual Military Engineers -

flag russia.gif World War 3 Mod -

flag poland.gif Wrzesień 1939 Mod -

flag czechrep.gif WWIICZ / AoCSR -