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Documentation Sources for Arma 3 Modding

As you've probably noticed, there is no comprehensive resource for Arma 3 modding. Finding reliable information requires a lot of Google-searching, reading forum threads, backtracking through potentially obsolete tutorials from previous versions of Arma, etc. It is very frustrating. In an attempt to ease your path to finding reliable information, here is a list of links to some key resources on the web. This list currently includes (semi-)official documentation-type resources rather than links to forum threads and the like. You'll have to do those searches on your own and hope for the best.

Vehicle Configs

BI config links root page

Model Config fundamentals

Main Vehicle config reference (BI)

Turret Config Reference

A3 CarX Config Guidelines

A3 TankX Config Guidelines

Howto Model Config (some modest skeleton reference)

AI Dectection config properties

How to Animate a Model (vehicle parts animation)

Weapon Configs & Damage Modeling

CfgAmmo Config Reference (BI)

Damage (newer damage properties from the Biki)

Bullet Penetrability

Weapons Settings (more weapon-related properties)

CfgWeapons Config Reference (dated but possibly useful)

More Information

Great intro-to-modding YouTube series by CUP member Nonov