Eden Editor: Custom Connections

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Since Arma 3 logo black.png2.10 it is possible to create custom connections.

A custom connection will not automatically be added to the context menu. See Entity Context Menu for a guide.


class Cfg3DEN
	class Connections
		class TAG_CustomConnection
			displayName = "Set Custom Connection";
			condition1 = "marker";
			condition2 = "objectEmpty * objectAI";
			property = "TAG_CustomConnection";
			color[] = { 1, 0, 1, 1 };
			cursor = "3DENConnectSync";
			expression = "hint str [_this,_target];";


Property Description Data type
displayName Display name of the connection shown in the context menu String
condition1 Simple expression String
condition2 Simple expression String
property Custom property name. Must be unique String
color[] Colour Array
cursor Cursor that is shown when connecting entities String
expression _this is array of source entities, _target is target entity. Expression is called on the server. After all other entity expressions. String