Eden Editor: Introduction

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Eden Editor is scenario editor introduced in Arma 3. It replaces previous 2D Editor, sharing many of its features, but also adding a wide range of new ones.

Starting Eden Editor

Eden Editor can be used for designing both singleplayer and multiplayer scenarios. A singleplayer scenario can be tested directly on your computer, but previewing a multiplayer one requires server running in the background. While it is possible to host a server and start multiplayer preview of any scenario straight from the editor, you can also create a server before launching the editor.


  1. Press EDITOR
    3den mainmenu1.jpg
  2. Select a terrain and press 3D EDITOR
    3den mainmenu2.jpg


  1. Press PLAY and then MULTIPLAYER to open server list
    3den mainmenu mp1.jpg
  2. Press NEW to host a server
    3den mainmenu mp2.jpg
  3. Set server parameters (or leave defaults) and confirm by OK
    3den mainmenu mp3.jpg
  4. The server is now created and you can see a list of scenarios for each terrain. To start a new scenario, pick <<New - 3D Editor>> option from the list and press PLAY or simply double-click on it.
    3den mainmenu mp4.jpg

Navigating the Scene

3den workspace3D.jpg

When the editor is opened, you'll be first greeted by a 3D Scene. The camera starts at randomized position, so you may sometimes discover completely unexpected locations.

The scene is useful for various scenario editing operations:

The camera controls are based on character or vehicle controls in the game:

Control Action
Right Mouse Button + Mouse Look around with the camera
Middle Mouse Button up / down Move the camera towards / away from the screen center
WSAD Move the camera forward/backward/left/right
QZ Move the camera up/down
NUM 8NUM 2NUM 4NUM 6 Look up/down/left/right

Navigating the Map

3den workspace2D.jpg

You can also toggle a 2D topographic Map. Its appearance is the same as the map available when playing, including markers and entity icons.

The map is especially useful for following scenario editing operations:

  • Setting scenario logic, e.g., triggers, waypoints or systems, where clear overview is more important than precise positioning
  • Placing markers
  • Strategic planning

The controls are shared with map controls everywhere else in the game:

Control Action
Right Mouse Button + Mouse Move the map around
Middle Mouse Button up / down Zoom the map in / out


Move the camera forward/backward/left/right

Creating a New Scenario

3den newscenario.jpg

Scenario is a name for the project you'll be working on. It's set on a specific terrain, contains entities you'll place, has settings like weather or description, and is saved to a scenario folder where you can add external files.

After opening the editor, you already start in a clean scenario. If you want to anytime start another one manually, select Scenario > New from the menu bar or click on New icon on the toolbar. Select a terrain here and confirm by clicking on the NEW SCENARIO button.

If you have unsaved changes in the current scenario, you will be prompted to either save or abandon them first.

Placing New Entities

3den placing.jpg

Scenario consists of entities - characters, vehicles, props, waypoints, markers, etc. Before an entity is placed, it is available as an asset in the Asset Browser.

Steps for placing an entity:

  1. Select Asset Type, for example an Object.
  2. Select Asset Sub-type, which further categorizes the type. For objects, these sub-types are sides to which the object can belong to (e.g., BLUFOR, OPFOR, Civilians, etc.)
  3. Pick an object from the list (e.g., "Rifleman") by clicking on it with left mouse button.
  4. Click left mouse button in the scene or on the map to place it.

First placed character will automatically become a player, but you can change this status later in Attributes.

Editing Entities

Once an entity is placed, it cane bed edited using various operations

Control Action
Left Mouse Button + Mouse Move entity
Alt + Left Mouse Button + Mouse Change altitude
⇧ Shift + Left Mouse Button + Mouse Rotate entity
Ctrl + Left Mouse Button + Mouse Group entity to another entity. Available only for characters and manned vehicles.
⇧ Shift + Right Mouse Button Place a waypoint. Available only when a character or a group is selected.
Left Mouse Button Open Attributes

Previewing Scenario

3den play.jpg

To preview the scenario as players will experience it, press PLAY button in the bottom right corner. You will start from the beginning, taking role of the unit marked as player (red circle around its icon).

You can play as long as you wish, but when you return back to the Workspace, the state of the scenario will return back to the initial state.

End Result

Now when you started your own scenario, it is time to finish it. Visit the main Eden Editor portal, where you can find links to many specialized tutorials.