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The flashpoint.cfg file is a configuration file containing detailed information about YOUR game setup. Information such as graphic settings, LOD detail, resolution are stored in this file. The flashpoint.cfg file is written after the OpFlashPreferences is run and the system settings are detected. The file itself is just as editable in a text file. The contents, are known as 'token format' because

something = "Something Else";

This way of describing features of the game, mission or addon are prevalent throughout OFP.


You should use OpFlashPreferences.exe to configure this file except for languages. The configuration exe doesn't have (and never can have) enough of them. Simply alter


to whatever language you may wish to add, and start using Stringtable.csv and html files in the language of your choice.

See Also

See Userinfo.cfg for information about personalized user settings.

Further information on Languages can be found Language_Selection