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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3
Part of Arma 3 Tools package on Steam


This tool helps you to get your favourite TrueType font (.ttf) into Arma 3. It creates the needed .tga texture files containing the characters and the .fxy file, which tells the engine where the characters are on the texture.
FontToTgaGUI will generate the given font with the following sizes: 6 to 31, 34 and 35, 37 and 46.
This readme was originally not written by BI staff but from members of the CWR˛ Mod team to provide you some help to get the tool working.


Line call:
FontToTga.exe {options} -size=XX fontName [destination]
fontName is the name of a font that is installed in C:\Windows\Fonts (not the name or path of .ttf file)
  • -size=xx [is required. size in points pt.]
  • -bold
  • -italic
  • -maxTexSize=<size> (valid values are 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048)
  • -cfg=<config file> Custom config file definition
FontToTga.exe -size=8 -bold "Times New Roman" myTimesRomanFont


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See also:
FXY File Format, ImageToPAA

Additional information

You can individually use the FontToTga command line or use the provided generateFontFamily.bat file instead as a base. In the example generateFontFamily.bat "Arial" is the fontName and the following number the size of the font to be created. So if you execute the given bat file, six fonts should be created into the Fonts folder. You can define which characters are created by editing FontToTga.cfg.

Error Handling:

  • FontToTga will not generate the font if the destination folder does not exist.
  • If your fontName is incorrect, an Arial character set is generated by default.