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GermA Modification


2D Marseille77
3D Marseille77
Released February 2010

The GermA Mod (German Addons Mod) was formed in February 2010 by Marseille77. It deals about public items in Germany in the timeframe from 1932 till today.


Objects Pack

  • Download (dead link)

This pack contains objects that exist on german streets between 1932 till today. The list below isn't the complete content.

Name Code Visitor path
Mailbox (DP AG) KPFS_Letterbox_89 \kpfs_misc\mailbox\letterbox.p3d
Trashcan KPFS_Trashcan \kpfs_misc\tbz\trashcan.p3d
Electric enclosure KPFS_Enclosure \kpfs_misc\tbz\stromkasten.p3d
Bollard KPFS_Poller \kpfs_misc\tbz\poller.p3d
Sandbox KPFS_Sandbox \kpfs_misc\tbz\streugut.p3d
Mail supply box KPFS_Postbox \kpfs_misc\mailbox\postbox.p3d
U-Tube KPFS_UTube \kpfs_misc\tbz\utube.p3d
Tube Sign KPFS_Tube_Sign \kpfs_misc\tbz\versch.p3d
Dog bags KPFS_Dogbox \kpfs_misc\tbz\dogbox.p3d
Bottle Recycling Box (Color) KPFS_bottlebox \kpfs_misc\tbz\bottleboxG.p3d
Bottle Recycling Box (White) KPFS_bottleboxW \kpfs_misc\tbz\bottleboxW.p3d
Old Cloth Box KPFS_clothbox \kpfs_misc\tbz\clothbox.p3d
Telestation KPFS_telestation \kpfs_misc\telefon\telestat.p3d

Sign Pack


This pack contains different german traffic signs from 1938 till today. The signs are divided in different time scale branches:

  • 1938 - 1971 (WWII and young Federal Republic of Germany)
  • 1971 - 1992 (West German StVO reform signs of 1971)
  • 1977 - 1990 (some StVO '77 signs of East Germany)
  • 1992 - Signs since 1992 with easier icons design)
  • Some military and civil warning signs also included.

Civil Pack

Kpfs civ.jpg
  • Download (dead link)

The Civil Pack include civilians from East and West Germany and they favored cars like the Golf and Lada.

Police Pack 1 & 2

  • Download (dead link)

This packs contains police units (east & west) from 1976 - 2012 with old and new uniforms. There also trainpolice and custom officers of this timeframe included. They are featured with guns like Makarov, SIG Sauer or HK.

BGS Pack (German Border Guards)

  • Download (dead link)

This pack deals about the German Special Police units (GSG9/ZUZ). They featured with guns of their era. It includes also a helicopter and a landrover reskin.

Berlin Wall Pack

A pack who contains objects and buildings for the Berlin Wall who existed from 1961 till 1990 in Berlin.

Bundeswehr Baracks Pack

German Weapons Pack

This pack features weapons of Germany between 1945 til now and is needed for Police or BGS addon e.g.

Army Packs



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