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Hellenic Warfare MOD (HWM link courtesy of
) was formed in May 2003 by Sparky. Working solo until 2006 HWM none of his previous work was releasable. Towards the end of the year HWM teamed up with Hellenic ArmA Community (HAC) and advanced to the next cricial level: production, beta testing and implementation of the addons - MOD. After this "union" the idea of a complete MOD came up. A MOD that will be dedicated to Greek Armed Forces, including an island and a full campaign. At August 19, 2007 the first addon (part of the MOD) was released to community. The G3A3 - A4 - and A3 Scoped assault rifle, the MG3 Machinegun, the Leopard 1A4 Main Battle Tank and the M113 A1 APC, all painted in Greek Army colors (many Greek Units (retexturing) were also released as part of the MOD). Although these "addons" were just a small part of the MOD, HWM managed to implement many new features and still working to improoe them by searching new options to add.

The Team

As stated before, HWM started operating as a team after (HWM link courtesy of
) and (HAC) partnership. The team members are:

Sparky (aka xSparky) Project leader, Main Modeller, Textures, Config.
Whiskey (aka Aplion) Texturing, Modeller.
Mainframe Config, Scripter.
Liongreek Mission maker and Military Consultant.
Satyros (aka arigram) Icons maker.

Public ArmA Releases



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