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Lip is a humanly readable text file via bis tool Wave2Lip that analyses any wss, wav, or ogg sound file and produces lip expressions (lip sync) for the speaking character.

The source sound must be mono, 16 bit, to have any meaning in a lip file.

The data within is sampled every <frame> seconds which happens to be a fixed in concrete 40msec, but could be changed by oem, or bis.

Only changes of expression are stored in a lip file. If there's nothing stated at that <frame> interval, no change (obviously) takes place.

The expression is a filtered delta change between one sample interval and the next.

frame = 0.040// A constant.
time   expression(range 0..7)
0.000, 0 //start time always 0
0.080, 2
11.080, -1 //end time. which is also the length in seconds of sound file