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Flag of Livonia

Dense forests, wide open fields, and plenty of interesting landmarks – get ready to explore a fresh temperate summer environment ideally suited for combined arms warfare. Arma 3 Contact's 163 km2 Eastern European terrain covers the partly abandoned Nadbór region within the larger Polish-speaking country of Livonia. This landlocked NATO member state shares borders with four other nations, including the Russian exclave Kaliningrad and CSAT partner Belarus, which inherently makes it a place of great geo-strategic importance. Its woodland locale is composed of a big set of completely new structures, props, and natural objects, complemented by objects from other Bohemia terrains.

Livonia is based on real-life data from Czech Republic; Livonia represents the North-East part of Chřiby mountains, South of the city of Kroměřiž.

In-game city Real-life counterpart
Topolin Zdounky
Polana Bunč
Nadbór Kostelany
Gieraltów Nová Dědina


Map of Livonia (terrain)
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Map of Livonia (place names)