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Game type is a simplified category describing what a mission is about. It helps player to navigate through potentially large number of available missions and pick the one they would like to play.

Number of available types is limited to a range of well recognized and easily understandable entries like Deathmatch or Sector Control.

Mission Configuration

Game type can be defined Eden Editor scenario attributes or in Description.ext file.

class Header
	gameType =  CTF;	// Game type
	minPlayers =  1;	// minimum number of players the mission supports
	maxPlayers = 10;	// maximum number of players the mission supports

When type is not defined or misconfigured (e.g., using non-existent type), default "Unknown" is used instead.

Available Types

Icon denotes version in which changes were introduced. Game types are defined in CfgMPGameTypes

Arma 3 logo black.png2.00 Logo A0.png1.00Logo A1 black.png1.00Logo A2.png1.00A2 OA Logo.png1.50tkoh logo small.png1.00
Class Name Shortcut
Unknown Undefined Game Mode Undefined
DM Deathmatch DM
CTF Capture The Flag CTF
Coop Cooperative Mission Coop
CTI Capture The Island CTI
SC Sector Control SC
TDM Team Deathmatch TDM
RPG Role-Playing Game RPG
Sandbox Sandbox Sandbox
KOTH King Of The Hill KOTH
LastMan Last Man Standing Last Man
Survive Survival Survival
Zeus Zeus Zeus
Support Support Support
EndGame End Game End Game
Apex Campaign - Apex Protocol Apex Protocol
Escape Escape Escape
Patrol Combat Patrol Patrol
Vanguard Vanguard Vanguard
Warlords Warlords Warlords
Class Name Shortcut
Unknown Unknown Unknown
Coop Cooperative Mission Coop
DM Death Match DM
Team Team Mission Team
CTF Capture the Flag CTF
SCont Sector Control Scontrol
CTI Capture The Island CTI
FF Flag Fight FF
Hold Hold Location Hold