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Operation Flashpoint
This page is about Operation Flashpoint and may be heavily outdated for later games. See Arma 3: Named Properties instead.

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Map Symbols This appears to be an out of date ArmaOne reference doc but still has important info

Named Properties

Named Properties can be set in Oxygen. If you don't see this you must first active the Named Properties window under -> Window -> Named Properties, or simply press Alt + P.


Usage: all resolution LODs. Possible values: 1 or 0

This property will force the engine to skip given LODs with this property set to 1, while calculating model shadows. You can use it to force the shadow to be cast only by the selected LOD. Use it in any LOD with 300+ faces, as they will NOT cast shadow in game anyway (this will speed things up a bit).


Usage: This property is only relevant to the Geometry LOD, and only relevant to objects (such as structures and vegetation) that are intended to be used in a wrp. It declares an appropriate icon to display on the in-game 2d map.

Possible values:

  • building: shows greyed rectangle.
  • bunker
  • busstop
  • bush
  • church
  • chapel
  • cross
  • forest
  • forest square:only seen on ofp
  • forest triangle:only seen on ofp
  • forest border:only seen on ofp
  • fountain
  • fortress
  • fuelstation
  • fence
  • hide (object will not be displayed on the map, equivalent of not declaring a map= at all) Typical for streetlamps
  • hospital
  • house shows black rectangle and displayName= on mouseover in Mission Editor)
  • lighthouse
  • mainroad
  • power lines // note the space
  • powersolar
  • powerwave
  • powerwind
  • quay
  • railway
  • rock
  • rocks
  • road
  • ruin: nothing to do with bi's inappropriately named ruins classes, which are rubble, not ruins. This shows a ruin icon.
  • shiprwreck
  • smalltree
  • stack
  • transmitter
  • tourism
  • tree
  • track
  • view-tower // note the hyphen
  • wall
  • watertower


Usage: Applies to Geometry LOD. Derives how an object fits onto, or into, the terrain surface.

Class affects object behavior, simulation, destruction, and namesound. with extra considerations for class=house

Note: a '*' means that class might require a Land_xxx config class

Possible values:

  • building*
  • bush
  • fuelstation*
  • fence*
  • house*
    • Required for *any* animations to work including ladders, doors, and attendant=.
      • ARMA ONLY: house also causes game map to show displayname. Note that this behaviour is slightly different to an in game model. The wrp model does not respect the accuracy= setting of the config and will show the name thru to actual game play.
  • streetlamp*: pre A3: lights at night *providing* a suitable Land_xxx cfgNonAIvehicles class has been provided.
  • housesimulated* A3 only: lights at night *providing* a suitable Land_xxx ""cfgvehicles"" class has been provided.
  • road (road or bridge)
    • There is no geometry lod, class= should be in 1st (and only) resolution lod of the model
  • tree
  • pond (source:

ArmA only:

  • BushSoft (for bushes that bend easy in slight wind)
  • BushHard
  • TreeSoft (for trees that sway longer in both direction)
  • TreeHard

dammage or damage for ArmA

Usage: Geometry LOD. This setting defines what happens to object after it is destroyed.

A config.cpp is only relevant for editor placed objects OR baked in models with a land_xxx class (Geolod class=house)

Killed eventhandlers work under these circumstances, as does armor and destrtypes.

Possible values:

p3d damage= destrType enum Header text
none destructno (0) no visual change will be made when object is destroyed
building destructbuilding (1) object will bury in ground
house destructengine (2) object will be replaced by rubble (if any)otherwise behaves as building
tree destructtree (3) Pre A3: object will fall over
A3: object will randomly tilt
tent destructtent (4) object will flatten
wall destructWall Arma 3 only. Falls over
fence object will fall over when destroyed
engine object will explode upon destruction (no rubble)
bush crushes

Note that destTypes have been butchered. There is NO destructWall enum. It is hard-wired in the engine.


Usage: Geometry LOD / View Geometry LOD.

Objects hidden behind view geometry are normally not rendered by engine. Unfortunatelly, some objects like trees, have many "holes" in their body, so if object will not be rendered behind tree, it will dissapear and it won't be visible.

Using CanOcclude = 0 property will prevent this undesired effect from happening.


Usage: Geometry LOD / View Geometry LOD. If it is set to 0, the model will be drawn even if it normally would be culled away by occlusion culling (ie. the view geometry is completely hidden behind another objects view geometry).

Source & Credits

Map Symbols This appears to be an out of date ArmaOne reference doc but still has important info

Source (dead link)

Agent Smith's Page link courtesy of

Thanks to Agent_Smith, Chris Death, Ian Malcolm, Lester, Midship, Remcen and Kegetys for contributions.

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