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Disclaimer: This page describes an unofficial tool created without permission or support of Bohemia Interactive.

The product itself and its usage may be violating rights of Bohemia Interactive and is in no way endorsed or recommended by Bohemia Interactive.

See also Official Tools.
ODOL Explorer

Snake Man, Dschulle

Version v2.0


ODOL Explorer is a utility to view ODOL P3D files (it will not read MLOD's since those can be read with O2 already). It will display the model and its textures, rotate, move, zoom and adjust the light source up and down. You can check different LODs and selections, see vertexes, faces and textures etc.

The ODOL Explorer also has an option to save any model into MLOD format which can then be read and edited with O2. There are some minor errors when doing this save, but despite this it can serve as a useful recovery tool.

Latest released version is v2.0.


  • Reads ODOL model files and displays them.
  • Saves ODOL to MLOD format which then can be loaded with O2.


Homepage: WrpTool homepage