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May, 2006
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This page is out of date please visit Operation Reality Gaming aka Opreal Gaming official site for more info.

Operation Reailty Gaming OprealGaming


Operation Reality Gaming OprealGaming is a truly international tactical simulation gaming community for Armed Assault/VBS series. The community focuses on running large-scale competitive simulation style campaigns and consequent training sessions for coop and pvp tactical combined operations military gaming. Operation Reality Gaming Community have a talented team of mission builders, game designers and moders, programmers all contributing towards the community's vast arsenal of in-house missions, mods, and intellectual and media content. The ORC community naturally also has a regular and very extensive media presence online, boasting hundreds of in game videos on almost all online streaming sites out there from YouTube to Google Video, to DailyMotion, Vimeo, Veoh, LiveLeak, to name just a few (sharing both professional and raw unedited community contributed footage).

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