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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Armed Assault Arma 3
Included in BI Tools, BI Tools 2 and BI Tools 2.5.


Oxygen 2 is a model editing tool made by BIStudio's. Oxygen 2 is the successor to Oxygen Light. Note that Oxygen 2 has been replaced by Object Builder for Arma 3.


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Bohemia Interactive End User License Agreement
See also:
Oxygen 2 - Manual, Object Builder

Additional information

Supported formats


  • P3D (file with model, supported are binarized and nonbinarized version[ODOL,MLOD], binarized show only bounding box, List of LODS and named properties)
  • 3DS (model from 3D Studio Max)
  • ASC (ASCII 3D object)
  • SDA (Vicon Surface Data)


  • 3DS (model from 3D Studio Max)
  • OBJ (3D Object Format)


  • TGA (24 bit / 32 bit with alpha channel)
  • GIF (with or without alpha channel)
  • PAA,PAC (textures formats using in BI's game engines)


  • P3D (nonbinarized)

How to use it

You can open any supported model using menu File / Open or drag and drop the model file icon into the main window of Oxygen 2 PE (tip: you may assign P3D file extensions to Oxygen 2 PE application using Windows desktop).

You can make empty model using menu File / New.

You can save (save as) the file only into the P3D format.

Preview of model can be showed by Viewer Tool (Buldozer).

Viewer setup

parameters for the viewer.

Path to viewer (Commands in [] are optional; leave [] away when using that command): PathToArmaDir\Arma.exe -buldozer [-window] [-noland] [-cfg=PathToConfig] [-maxmem=1024]

-window : Starts Buldozer in window instead of fullscreen.

-noland : Bulldoze will not load a island.

-cfg=PathToConfig : Forces Buldozer to use a certain config.

To run viewer correctly you need a ARMA successfully installed on hard drive.

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