Oxygen 2 - UV Editor

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This is a simple explanation of how to use the UV editor in Oxygen 2 to correctly place textures.

Planar Mapping

1) Select the faces you want to apply the texture to.

2) Press "e". This will bring up a dialog box showing the properties of the selected faces.

3) With all the faces selected in the dialog, go to the "Texture" line on the bottom left and click the file folder.

4) Browse to find the TGA file you want to use.

5) Click "OK"

6) Click the "UV" button on the toolbar to get the UV editor open.

7) in the UV editor click the "Planar Mapping" button. It looks like a green square with an arrow pointing to a red mesh.

8) This will have copied the faces into the UV editor. You can move them around to place them over the right area of the texture and you can even move the individual points to skew the mapping if you need to.

That's it! When you look at the model in bulldozer the faces should now be texture.