P3D Point and Face Flags

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These 'flags' (or attributes) are present in the following p3d's

Point Flags

O2L points.JPG These correspond to O2L 'Point Properties'

        xxxxxxx0 normal
        xxxxxxx1 on surface 
        xxxxxxx2 above 
        xxxxxxx4 under 
        xxxxxxx8 keep height(fence)
      Lighting Face
        xxxxxx0x normal
        xxxxxx1x shine
        xxxxxx2x always in shadow
        xxxxxx4x full light
        xxxxxx8x half light
       xxxxx0xx normal
       xxxxx1xx decal (obsolete for A2)
       xxxxx2xx radio12 (OFP only)
       xxxx0xxx none :ofp normal
       xxxx1xxx sky  :ofp none
       xxxx2xxx normal :ofp sky
  User xxUUxxxx user 0..255 (obsolete for A2)
 H     x1xxxxxx hidden vertex
       x0xxxxxx by face
       x2xxxxxx fixed (normal)
       x4xxxxxx by impedence

Face Flags

O2L Face.JPG Corresponding to O2L 'face properties'.

Enable shadow

0x00000010 - off (disable shadow) 

Enable texture merging

0x01000000 - off (disable texture merging) 

ZBias (0x00000300 mask)

0x00000000 - none 
0x00000100 - low 
0x00000200 - middle 
0x00000300 - high 

Lightning (0x003000a0 mask)

0x00000020 - both sides 
0x00000080 - position 
0x00200000 - flat 
0x00100000 - reversed (transparent) 

User (0xfe000000 mask)

0xfe000000 - user additional mark value (0..127)

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