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$PBOPREFIX$ is the name of a text file that sits in the root folder of an addon.


It has no file extension.

When using Mikero's Tools to pack PBOs you can use a file called pboprefix.txt, making it easier to edit.

PBO Manager require to use $prefix$ filename instead.

File format

The file contains only a namespace definition. A namespace is practically a path definition.


  • It only contains one line.
  • There is no new line at the end of line one.
  • There is no whitespace before or after the text.


Mod development happens on the P: drive.
It is good practice to use your own namespace, aka subfolder, for your development work.
The main reason is to keep your workspace clean and to avoid conflicts with other addons.

The folder structure you define translates into the namespace.


results in the namespace


The namespace is saved as part of the PBO file itself.
BinPBO does not expose the namespace. It is set in the app settings.
BinBPO requires a two layer subfolder structure to work.

The following 3rd party tools will read and make use of a namespace definition in the $PBOPREFIX$ file, if it is present.


You can name your PBO file anyway you like it, like adding a version tag.
At the same time the internal path structure remains the same as defined by the $PBOPREFIX$ file.

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