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PVP script pack


The PVP script pack is an attempt to encourage a lot more players to create player-vs-player maps. When I first started playing OFP and looking at map-making I was frustrated by just how awkward and error-prone the process was. Players had to have a fairly good understanding of concepts such as triggers and scripting, and the smallest error could cause hours of frustration in trying to track down the problem.

Design concept

So, how does this script pack change that ? The main concept is that as much as possible is set up by placing markers from the editor. After that, all the magic is done by scripts 'under the hood'. A CTF including spawn-protection and borders can be made by placing just 6 markers and editing one line in a text file. Other game modes are also supported - you can create a Capture and Hold mission that includes an arbitrary number of objectives, minefields, respawning vehicles and special zones to parachute players to the action in just a few minutes by placing some markers.

Supported gamemodes

* CTF (Capture the Flag)
* DM (DeathMatch)
* TDM (Team deathmatch)
* FF (Flag-fight)
* KoH (King Of the Hill)
* C&H (Capture and Hold)
* AAS (Advance and secure) 

Further info

The "main project page" (dead link) is hosted by DevHeaven

There is a 30 page manual (dead link) that explains how to use the script-pack but you don't need to to read more than the first few pages to make a basic mission.

You can download the latest version from "the files section" (dead link).

There is also a thread on the official BIS forums.