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RKSL Studios (RKSL) was formed in October 2003 by Rock (aka RockofSL). Working solo until 2005 RKSL released various sets of addons both as RKSL releases and as part of several other Teams. The idea behind RKSL was to create unique addons, recreating objects and vehicles that were not being produced by the mainstream community. That idea is at the core of our new projects

The Team

RKSL was started in late 2003 and operated as a “One man band” until mid 2005 when UNN started to help with scripting. Since then a solid partnership has developed and both the quality and ambitions of the team have grown. We hope to surprise you with our addons.


RKSL-Rock (RockofSL) Project leader, texturing (badly), modelling, etc.

UNN Config, coding.


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