Royal Army Corps of Sahrani

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Royal Army Corps of Sahrani
Side Resistance


The soldiers of the RACS wearing the old US Desert Storm suit from 1990/91. They also equiped with the same items like their US pendants.



  • UH-60
  • MH-6
  • AH-6


  • Landrover


  • T-72 (after reunion, repainted SLA tanks)
  • M113 ACAV


  • M113 medical version


  • M16A2
  • Beretta
  • M134
  • M240
  • Stinger AA Launcher
  • HK G36

Main Characters of South Sahrani

In the main campaign Captain Riboli recovers the bloody work of the SLA in their own cities after the short occupation. Rumor has it the RACS killed their own people after an US unit found some runaways on the SLA area.

  • The king is included but he was not used in the storyline.

Queens Gambit

After the death of king Josef his son Prince Orlando seems to be also killed by the accident. His sister has taken the power over the country. After the mercenaries found Orland as commander of the rebel forces they help him to getting his country back.

  • The princess was not shown in the campaign. The game contains only an incomplete p3d of her.