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Silver Kelpie Studios


2D Arika, Grabarz^^, Hawk, Sejtan, Smookie, Vilas, Yaciek
3D Grabarz^^, Hawk, Sejtan, Smookie, Vilas
Missions Grabarz^^, MaRcin, Panda
Other Jerry
External Quabec
Released n/a
Version n/a
Silver Kelpie Studios logo

The beginning

After some lively and all night drinking spree (called later discussions) we decided to make an OFP modification. A mod about soldiers serving in the first line where situations are often more impossible than we might even expect. We managed to persuad some people that we can make it to the end. Cooperation will be efficient and will not end on the theoretical assumptions. We called ourselves Silver Kelpie Studios.

Now we had to choose place... why not a friendly, desert country with lovely sandy beaches and warm clean water? The great pretext was current situation in Iraq. Treating this only as a pretext we started working...

In Babylon Free – name of our mod – player is expected to be a sergeant of Polish Army in a fictional Arab country. You may expect various missions including patrolling main routes, guarding important facilities and ending on drinking vodka. Addons are being made by Alderous, Arika, Grabarz^^, Hawk, Smookie, Vilas. Jerry and Sejtan are taking care of our new map. YacieK is preparing the soundtrack. Most of the graphics have been made by Quabec. But the most important is the campaign made by MaRcin.

We have been working on this project for a few months. Now it is time to inform the community about our mod. Any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism are welcome. Expect some news about our works in the nearest future.

We would like to thank everyone who supported us. Especially De_Xter and Piero for making new layout for us.


Our aim is to make a Polish modification for Operation Flashpoint. We decided to place the plot in the present time, in a fictional Arab country somewhere in the Middle East. Dictator has been overthrown but situation is still very tense. And one of the richest in oil countries in the world is very tempting. Fanatical fighters attacks become more intensified. Coalition forces decide to support local order forces. But it’s only the beginning of a long, laborious and dangerous mission. Not generals, but ordinary soldiers were supposed to see how dangerous…

The player is expected to be a sergeant of the Polish Army. He’ll take part in various missions including patrolling main routs, guarding important facilities and ending on drinking vodka. Our brave hero ;-) will be promoted or demoted and send back to Poland – it will depend on player only.

As a "mod" we understand, not only addons like guns, vehicles, soldiers etc., but also music and sounds (environment and voices), map, GUI and interesting and absorbing campaign.

We would like to finish our work in the near future, but cannot give exact date. Despite the fact we’re spending much time, there’s still a lot of work.

The Team

We’re a group of enthusiasts working together. Our common aim is to create modification quiet loosely based on events in Iraq, where coalition forces try to introduce order and big companies try to pomp out as much oil as possible…

Current Team

Arika 2D Artist
Grabarz^^ 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Mission Designer
Hawk 2D Artist, 3D Artist
Jerry Islandmaker
MaRcin Mission Designer, Leader of the Mod
Panda Mission Designer, Scriptwriter
Sejtan 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Islandmaker
Smookie 2D Artist, 3D Artist, Animations
Vilas 2D Artist, 3D Artist
YacieK 2D Artist, Sounds/Music

Special thanks

BAS Too much to list ;)
FishKopp HMMWV
John J. Rambo Middle East Rebels
Operation Frenchopint Hecate II


HMMWV in desert camo scheme
Dzik (Boar) armoured car
Arabic buildings
Mi-8 Medevac helicopter


Desert Sky


  • SKS Desert Sky

Beta version of YacieK's Desert Sky addon:

SKS Desert Sky (2.12 MB)

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- SKS Website

- SKS Forums

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