Soviet War Rebellion

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Soviet War Rebellion


2D SwR Staff
3D SwR Staff
Missions SwR Staff
Other WW3Mod & MMStudio link courtesy of
& Python Art Studio
Betatest None
External AngelOfTheDeath, Reynart.
Released 2002 - 2007
Version None
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Operation Flashpoint: Resistance


Soviet War Rebellion was created on august 2001 under the name of Red Fight and Operation FireStorm. We have work between 2001 and 2005. Now, we are back since july 2006 and we are here for a long time !


Beta Island Russia (2002)
RAZ Island (2003)
Mike Weapon Pack (2003)
Monkey Island (2004)
XM8 pack (2004)
Banguor island Alpha 1 (2005)

For more information about us, please, feel free to visit our website.


Banguor Island
Buldings pack 1
Bulding Pack 1
G36 Pack
Banguor Island
M4 pack
G36 Pack

The Team

helping_hand Moddeler
Lou Montana Mission/Script Maker
Soldier Graphic Artist
JW Moddeler/Coder
tom_48_97 Island maker
Sparky Moddeler/texturer
Sadam Moddeler/texturer
Serial killer Mission/Coder
Nicu texturer
XO Mission/Cpp
Tax (simba) Moddeler/texturer
Maatz Moddeler/IslandMaker
Modul Mission/Coder
Jagy Moddeler/texturer


We are currently looking for skilled:

  • Responsable of Communication
  • Coder GUI
  • Texture Artists
  • Scripters
  • Modellers
  • Island Makers

For more information, please visit our website and Forum


Sponsored by
Thanks to :,, BIS. And a special thanks to ArmedAssault France and MENGINE for their support !



Banguor Island (2004)
Downloads this movie

Image pack preview 1
Download this images

Current finals versions

=> Islands

MonkeyIsland + RAZIsland v2 final (2004)
Download this file Needed Addons

=> Addons

WW3 Weapon pack (2006)
Download this file

More downloads here