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Stargate Mod


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Released Version Alpha 1: Mission Makers Edition
Version Alpha


Stargate Mod is a collaboration of different addon teams, mainly BXBX and DSF Productions. The goal of the project is to create addons that are realistic to the series and to real life. Although the mod was initially made for Operation Flashpoint the mod creaters have both announced that no further work will be made on the releases for Flashpoint. All efforts of the team are now focused on getting the gates to the Armed Assault engine. DSF have announced the conversion of the 1.4 gates to Armed Assault under the new name "DSF Unofficial StarGate Simulator V1".


The Stargate was a mod dream since 2002. Its first incarnation failed to release any addons and the mod eventually collapsed. However, in 2005 BXBX and Honza SG-1 begun the creation of a new Stargate Mod. In August 2005 the V1 Stargate system was released, allowing OFP users for the first time to simulate the Stargate TV series. From this point the mod has gone from strength to strength, releasing SG units, weapons packs, Jaffa, Death Gliders, F302s and more gate updates. A new developer, digitalae, has appeared and is making accurate scale versions of various items seen in the TV series, such as Atlantis. Certain projects are now under joint collaboration between digitalae and the rest of the Stargate Mod team.

In November 2005 the DSF productions team, which is well known in the OFP community for making realistic and heavily scripted addons such as the SCUD pack, began to make the Stargate multiplayer compatible. This objective was completed but since then they have aspired to make the stargate simulator more realistic to the TV series. The 1.3 Stargate system has manual dialing features, working GDO, Automatic Iris protection, and the wormhole sequence. Since this point the development of the stargate has had two working versions, BXBX V1 gate is quick and simple to use, but lacking aspects of realism, while the DSF gate takes longer to get working in the game editor but has a boosted relativism factor.

Since the first release the mod is split between two sites, BXBX and honza SG-1 site and the OFP-SGC community site The community site allows the users of the mod to submit their own addons and missions to the Mod. Notable mission makers include Matt SG-3.

Towards the end of 2006, it was announced by the DSF team that the 1.4 beta version of the stargate would be the last version of the stargate, released for Operation Flashpoint. BXBX then released a beta of all of his work so far including the much wanted Area 52 addon, MALP pack and stargates V2. All the focus of the developers is currently on Armed Assault, see below.

Operation Flashpoint: Resistance

Gold Releases

  • Crionyks Units and Weapons
  • F302

Beta Releases

  • DSF Stargate 1.4 System
  • BXBX Stargate V2
  • Area 52 and Atlantis
  • MALP pack
  • OFP Mod Collection

Armed Assault


The Stargate itself is under intensive development and as of January 2008 a Alpha version has been released. Members of the OFP Stargate community have begun to create their own addons for the mod and various members are working on various projects including a wide range of ships seen in the series. The developers are working together for the first time.

New Features

DSF pushed the boundaries of scripting in Operation Flashpoint. ArmA's scripting language, being more advanced, enabled the OFP scripts to be reworked into smaller ones which could then be enhanced and have extra features added.

Predictive Ballistics Tracking

PBT makes the gate detect what objects are near the gate and work out whether or not the object will cross the event horizon. This makes the detection far more reliable than the snapshot based technique used previously.

Gate Locations

The OFP version generated addresses for each Stargate based upon the its position in the map. A name was generated for the gate based upon its grid reference. The ArmA version does the same thing, only much better. The ArmA version will generate a new address for a location, accurate to a 15cm x 15 cm square. This will allow mission makers to put the gates nearer to each other for testing purposes.

Higher quality model

The ArmA Stargate model has been improved and has had high quality textures added to it. An example of the difference in texture quality is visible in the mission maker's release.

Arma 2

The ArmA gate is being adapted to be compatible with Arma 2.


For Armed Assualt we are looking for:-

A dedicated island maker. The idea of previous island releases was that there would be multiple small islands set over a large map, creating a diversity of terrain and story telling. If you would like to help, please make yourself known on the forums.


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