Tactical Operation

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Tactical Operation

Gaia aka Str

Missions Gaia aka Str
Other Blackjabel, Martinius
Betatest BoborSK, Celoush, Faly, LAW, Stene
External Dusand
Released 15th September 2006
Version Dana
Web http://top1.bigames.info


TOP1 - Tactical OPeration 1

TOP1's ambition is to bring Operation Flashpoint closer to more developed and technically advanced products such as VBS1 or so far unreleased Armed Assault where we can only speculate about the final result. The aim of this project is to make player think in a tactical manner on the virtual battlefield. Many various features help him in it. The whole system runs on a modification of the executable FWatch file by Kegetys which allows to record player's course through the mission for further usage. Before mission, the player himself can set up lot of adjustable items, beginning with the weather and daytime, through starting position, ending with the role he will play in the operation itself.

The real battlefield illusion is amplified by the lack of saving and loading of positions that force player to think of his advance forward and not to tear into the enemy area in a shortest possible direction. The basic missions are optimized in a way, so they are not just playable in those conditions but also possible to finish them successfully. Various situations are simulated, such as simple one team operation, rescue mission deep in the enemy territory or combined offense with infantry, armoured and air forces.

System creates review file for evaluation and analysis of whole operation. It can be played on OPERA1 (OPERation Analysis) addon module, which is availible to download separately. Now you can see yours or your friends mistakes or brilliant actions. Review files can be shared via sharing section on TOP1 site. Chance to view position and behaviour of all units in mission is also useful for mission creators.

TOP1 system is fully compatible with these mods:

On the other hand, because of too different GUI is not compatible with these mods:

Note: System versions are not numeric, but alphabetical based on girls names. First letter means version number (A, B, C, ...).

OPERA1 - OPERation Analysis

Tool for watching generated result files which you can use for play operation review of any TOP1 mission from any player. OPERA1 is availible to download in form of "open" mission (not in PBO), so it can be used for all islands. Result itself is showed to the map where you can see positions, status and rating of all units. Player/spectator can display any unit, look at the events list or control playback rate of review.

Living Battlefield experimental mission

Experimental TOP1 mission have only one priority - almost full interactive battlespace. Many random events or NPC behaviours are generated not only after mission start, but also after mission load, so player must improvise. Mission will contain Desert CSLA units and it will be situated on yet unknown Middle-East island.


Mission setup screen
Living Battlefield

External links

TOP2 - Tactical OPeration 2

Successor of current system planned for Armed Assault. Main priority is is to create three-dimensional after action review supporting both singleplayer and multiplayer missions. New scripting commands could also allow full instant record for any mission directly from interrupt menu. Detailed information will be added after ArmA release.