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Debug Console


Debug Console is started by pressing ESC and F1 while previewing a mission.


Shows returned value of code written to one of four available fields. Refreshes it every 0.1 seconds, and will show scripting errors while you're writing the text.

Results of all fields are stored in _debug1 to _debug4 variables to which you can refer from other fields

  • Field 1:1 + 1
    • Returns: 2
  • Field 2:_debug1 * 2
    • Returns: 4

Content of all fields is stored into profileNamespace when console is closed and is restored again upon next start.


Six fields where you can write any code and execute it. Button uses execVM.

Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl1 to Ctrl+6 for each of the buttons.

Same as Watch fields, Expressions are stored persistently.

Custom scripts

Executes (execVM) scripts on the given path.


* is replaced by number written on a button, e.g. 1 executes \hsim\@debug\debug1.sqf


Executes Camera.sqs


Launch Config Viewer


Launch Functions Viewer