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Additional Info (from Armored_Sheep)

 Specular map is a complex bitmap. Each color chanel has its own purpose. 
 You should understand well the way of calculating pixel colors in scene
 before you paint those textures. As written value of each pixel is
 calculated with RVMAT values and engine lighting values. Texture _SM has
 diffuse values in RED, specular in GREEN and, Specular power in BLUE
 chanel. _SMDI does not use RED chanel (better compression) GPU calculates
 those values automaticaly as Diffuse = 1 - Specular. When you use
 specular map - diffuse, specular in RVMAT should be 1. Then paint B/W map
 with maximum specular and minimum specular values you imagine on surface.
 Than choose minimum (black) and maximum specular (white) values and change
 the bitmap levels to those values. (c)Armored_Sheep


RVMAT on sprite particle

I tried to get a custom RVMAT on a particle, to get a fire to glow. Seems that RVMAT files don't work properly on particles. I can set: renderFlags[]={"AddBlend"};

But that's the only thing that has any effect. It makes the particle really bright - much too bright for the particle I want to use. It also seems to cause some transparency issues like objects behind being drawn on top of it. The same thing is done on a couple BIS particles like sparks, although not sure if they experience the transparency glitches. Other settings seem to be completely ignored. I could see the changes in the Buldozer preview (but there it isn't drawn as a sprite), but not in game when the particle was used. So a particle can either be very bright, or have no glow at all like an ordinary smoke particle.

But if anyone does find a way, please let me know --Maddmatt 20:57, 13 October 2007 (CEST)


It would appear one option for Vertex and Pixel shading is missing, I noticed the following in the A10 glass RVMAT:


--IceMotoboy 07:11, 8 May 2008 (CEST)

Regarding RenderFlags, version 1.14 BIS Editing Tools. A few of the BIS .rvmats for roads have a renderflag of 'Road' and numerous clutter models make reference to .rvmats that in turn specify a renderflag of 'AlphaInstancing'. In build.log produced by binarize.exe both these flags appear to produce an Unknown flag error/warning. -- Sy 15:31, 11 August 2008 (CEST)