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Briefing Sounds

Sorry, but that last edit is not correct; the Sounds have to be defined in CfgSounds, but the onBriefingX stand "free" (in no CfgX) there as for example respawnDelay or disableAI. :)

--Raedor 12:48, 6 June 2006 (CEST)

sorted ;)


What folder do you actually put the Briefing.HTML file into? Chrisg9999 17:32, 22 July 2008 (CEST)

Briefing file format

If somebody translate this text from (awful) english to english, and will complement the text, I'll be very grateful:

This is a minimal example, well showing format of the briefing:


<p><a name="plan"></a>Section "plan", here describes the mission plan. <br>It link on <a href="#user_section_2">user section (2)</a> of briefing.</p><hr>

<p><a name="main"></a>Section "main", here are the diary entries. <br>It link on <a href="#user_section_1">user section (1)</a> of briefing.</p><hr>

<p><a name = "obj_first"></a>First objective.</p><hr>

<p><a name = "obj_second"></a>Second objective</p><hr>

<p><a name = "obj_third"></a>Third objective</p><hr>

<p><a name = "obj_fourth"></a>Fourth objective</p><hr>

<p><a name="debriefing:end1"></a>Debriefing end 1</p><hr>

<p><a name="debriefing:end2"></a>Debriefing end 2</p><hr>

<h2><a name="user_section_1"></a>User section 1</h2>
<p>Text of own section 1</p><hr>

<h2><a name="user_section_2"></a>User section 2</h2>
<p>Text of own section 2</p><hr>


Here removed all ignored by the game and littering tags (such as head, title, meta). Also shows a little known fact that the objectives isn't required to have a name format "obj_<SOME_NUMBER>", so you can give them meaningful, characterizes the task name, such as:

   <p><a name = "obj_destroy_enemy_snipers"></a>Destroy enemy snipers</p><hr>

Herewith, script code, which changes the status of the objective will look like this:

   "destroy_enemy_snipers" objStatus "DONE"

Which certainly improves the readability of the script.

And now a brief description of:

  • The contents of the file should be framed by tags <html> and <body>.
  • The file contains several sections.
  • Sections should be enclosed in a container <body>
  • Game recognize sections by the tag <a name="section_name">, which must be nested in one of the following containers: <p>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>.
  • Section ends with the tag <hr>.
  • Tags <p>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6> used to change the font:
    • <p> - Normal font;
    • <h1> - Large font used for big headers;
    • <h2> - Slightly smaller font to be used for smaller headers;
    • <h3> - Normal font;
    • <h4> - Small text size;
    • <h5> - Book font style;
    • <h6> - Handwritten font.
  • Nesting these tags aren't allowed.
  • The standard section names:
    • plan - mission plan;
    • main - diary entries.
  • Section names that fall under the format (PCRE) /obj_(\w+)/ are recognized as sections of objectives, herewith command objStatus uses $1 as name of objective.
  • Section names that fall under the format (PCRE) /debriefing:(end\d+)/ are recognized as debriefing section, herewith "$1" correspond to the type of the mission end trigger.