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For creating a variable Type of "TEAM_MEMBER" I used the following statement:

TEAM_MEMBER = createTeam["TeamType","TeamName"];

For a test, I used this code MyTeam = createTeam ["USMC_Team","Razor Three"]; hint format["TypeName: %1\nTeamName: %2\nTeamtype: %3",typename MyTeam, TeamName MyTeam, TeamType MyTeam];

Output: TypeName: TEAM_MEMBER TeamName: Razor Three TeamType: USMC_Team I don't know, what to do with this "TEAMS". Maybe only some fragments of VBS(2).

Found some other functions/statements witch accept TEAM_MEMBER types like:

  • list = members _TEAM (list of all members of a team)
  • _agent = teammember player (Return agent for given person(?))
  • _person = agent _agent (Return person for given agent(?))
  • isagent (???)
  • deleteTeam _TEAM
  • _TEAM = createTeam [Type, Name] (Creates a new Team (as seen in example Code))
  • teamName _TEAM (Return the TeamName (as seen in example Code))
  • teamType _TEAM (Return the TeamType (as seen in example Code))
  • _TEAM addTeamMember _MEMBER
  • _TEAM removeTeamMember _MEMBER
  • fromEditor _TEAM (Return if given Team was inserted form Editor directly)

And what the hell are agents ???

If you type one of this commands into some activation field of a Trigger, most of them are displayed as valid commands with parameters.

Someone else some information about this new data type ???

--HeliJunkie 18:22, 6 June 2009 (CEST)