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Second argument (hidePosition) is ineffectual, or misunderstood by me. I have tried various settings (position of the unit itself, position of a different unit and [0,0,0]) and they all result in the unit finding the same cover each time. I think for safe operation of the command it should be set to the same thing as the first argument (position). kungtotte 22:22, 19 March 2007 (CET)

It seems that the unit will try to hide in the opposite direction to the direction in which hidePosition is from the position. eg. set up a mission with a player, 1 man named hider and a lit fire named fire1. Create a repeatable radio trigger with temp = hider findCover [getPos hider, getPos player,50]; fire1 setPos getPos temp; hint format["%1",temp]. The hide point is marked by the fireplace. It will always be in the opposite direction from the player, assuming there are appropriate objects in that direction. However, it seems that proximity can take prioriy over this direction. --Ceeeb