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Please don't add information to the Description Section that is not part of the original description unless it is clarifying the simple description in some way and not making it more complex to grasp especially for new users.

Add it instead to the Notes Section.

I have already moved the extra text there.

Planck 19:24, 24 July 2007 (CEST)


In my eyes, the part I have added here was making the original content more descriptive and comprehensive as a.t.c.s. the description is rather flawed and imprecise. I don't think a precise description should be left out to make it easier to understand for new users. Furthermore I think such a basic mathematic comprehension can be exspected from everyone. And if there is actually someone who is rather confused by a precise description than helped by it, he may find according help in the comments. So if you don't have anything to counter in the next few days I'm going to temporary put it back into the description. If someone is really getting confused by it he still may stop reading after the first sentence and ignore the further descriptive part ;=).

Regards, ManDay

The description field is only for describing what the command does and in fact it has the command description as supplied by BI, simple and to the point:

Converts position from object model space to world space.

The information you supplied has more to do with the object model space and is therefore information you have discovered which seems to be pertinent to the command only in regard to one of its parameters, therefore it belongs in the Notes section along with other 'discovered' information.

Planck 02:49, 25 July 2007 (CEST)

I get your point, but isn't a detailled description of the parameters also part of the actual description for the command? I intended to update the intersect-command as well. A.t.m. there are just way too many commands which are only delivered with the original description (i.e. the four to five words someone from BIS dropped in the description-field) in my eyes. This kind of description just cannot satisfy the needs of any professional, nor those of someone who requires to understand a command without browsing further information. I think a description - which means an exact explaination of a command - has to cover absolutly everything. Any further information, such as experience made with a command, related commands or even usefull examples should go in the notes section. Meanwhile...

Converts position from object model space to world space. less than roughly explained - there is rather no information in this line. The same I can already guess from what the command is called. I guess that I understand why you are trying to prevent me from inserting this additional information: You fear that, if everyone just starts adding information that he, personally takes as important in future, the BIKI is going to inflate. But for me, I know what I'm talking about and I think I know how to write documentations. The things I added are exactly the part which is missing - there is nothing else to add anymore.

PS: How do you create that Timestamp at the bottom of your reply?

Regards, ManDay

Regardless of how you see the Description field, the Notes section was created to hold the type of information you want to add.

Typing 4 '~' will add the timestamp and name for you.

Planck 16:34, 25 July 2007 (CEST)