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Adds a game (sub-)category to the proper format and finds the page Category Sort key (e.g Arma 2: Editing gets sorted as EDITING).
Uses {{Name}}, {{Concat}} and {{GameCategory/SortKey}}.

This template is used on these pages.



  • game: game id, see {{Name}}
  • subCategory: (Optional, default empty) sub-category (e.g Editing) - for ≥ Arma Reforger can be up to 5 sub-levels
  • link: (Optional, default empty - named argument) y to make it a link to the category
  • text: (Optional, default empty - named argument) requires link. The link's text (otherwise, the category name will be used) - activates link as well
  • sortKey: (Optional, default {{uc:{{PAGENAME}}}} (see {{GameCategory/SortKey}}) or {{SUBPAGENAME}} (for ≥ Arma Reforger) - named argument) category sort key - will be uppercased
Code Result
{{GameCategory}} -no category provided-
{{GameCategory|ofpr}} [[Category: {{Name|ofpr|cat}}|PAGENAME]]
End result: [[Category: Operation Flashpoint: Resistance|PAGENAME]]
{{GameCategory|ofpr|link= y}} Operation Flashpoint: Resistance
{{GameCategory|arma2|sortKey= the sort key}} [[Category: {{Name|arma2|cat}}|THE SORT KEY]]
End result: [[Category: Arma 2|THE SORT KEY]]
{{GameCategory|arma1}} [[Category: {{Name|arma1|cat}}|PAGENAME]]
End result: [[Category: ArmA: Armed Assault|PAGENAME]]
{{GameCategory|arma1qg}} [[Category: {{Name|arma1qg|cat}}|PAGENAME]]
End result: [[Category: ArmA: Queen's Gambit|PAGENAME]]
{{GameCategory|arma3|Editing}} [[Category: {{Name|arma3|cat}}/Editing|PAGENAME]]
End result: [[Category: Arma 3: Editing|PAGENAME]]
{{GameCategory|armaR|Editing|Scripting}} [[Category: {{Name|armaR|cat}}/Editing/Scripting|PAGENAME]]
End result: [[Category: Arma Reforger/Editing/Scripting|PAGENAME]]
{{GameCategory|arma3|Editing|Scripting|link= y}}
{{GameCategory|arma4|0|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|link= y}}
Arma 3: Editing
Arma 4/0/1/2/3/4
{{GameCategory|ofp|link= y|text= OFP!}}
{{GameCategory|arma2|text= Game 2}}
{{GameCategory|arma4|link= y|text= A4 is great :)}}
Game 2
A4 is great :)