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Returns array with current operator of UAV and his vehicle role in UAV. If nobody is controlling the UAV, the command tries to find any person with connected terminal to this UAV. If nobody is connected, objNull is used as returned operator (see Example 2).
This command works only for vehicles, to get a unit remote-controlling a unit, see remoteControlled and remoteControl - Example 4.
Remote Control


UAVControl uav
uav: Object
Return Value:
Array in format [unit, vehicleRole] Arma 3 logo black.png1.96 or [unit1, vehicleRole1, unit2, vehicleRole2] (see Example 2), where:
  • unit: Object - UAV operator
  • vehicleRole: String - vehicle role of the operator in UAV. Can be "DRIVER", "GUNNER" or "" (not in control)


Example 1:
private _result = UAVControl _myUAV;
Example 2:
Since Arma 3 logo black.png1.96 this command returns both driver and gunner units if the UAV is controlled by 2 players. Here is the list of all expected outputs:
[player1, "DRIVER"] // player1 is controlling the UAV and is the pilot [player2, "GUNNER"] // player2 is controlling the UAV and is the gunner [player1, "DRIVER", player2, "GUNNER"] // player1 is controlling the UAV as the pilot, player2 is controlling the UAV as the gunner [player3, ""] // no one is controlling the UAV, player3 is connected to the UAV via terminal, but not controlling it yet [objNull, ""] // nobody is controlling or connected to the UAV

Additional Information

See also:
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