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I always loved wikis for the fact that just because NOBODY else understands what you do, it gets simply deleted for being "nonsense" or "not proven";

I play and mod the entire Arma series (also including OFP:CWC back in the day) longer than ANYBODY else, so stfu you noobs. What I write is always TRUE, proven and 100% straightforward.

I was a bit too harsh, so I changed this a bit around:

If I write something that doesnt make Sense to some1 give me a ring (meaning post me a message or something) and I'll try to explain it further; I'm from ze Netherlands, so I do not have the perfect knowledge of the english language, although my understanding is perfect. it's only my own way to explain and express, that's where some "Misunderstandings" originate from. DamonDaemon 22:01, 10 February 2012 (CET)

Missiles behaviour experiments

With settings:
trackOversteer = 1;
trackLead = 0.2;
simulationStep = 0.001;
sideAirFriction = 1.0;
maneuvrability = 90;
one can get a Missile that turns like a Basterd, and never misses it's target, only time it misses is when the Server laggs like Hell, then there is a slim chance of it missing; in that case, add
manualControl = 1;
maxControlRange = 9000;
and the Missile will circle around it's target UNTIL it either A) Times out or B) Hits the Target.

Mediocre maxspeed (900) and thrust (870) help the missile fly and intercept decently fast AND maneuvre decently accurate (Laggs not included).
One can got up to thrust=3000 or more, when you change: sideAirFriction = 4.0;, since that value seems to determine how fast AND maneuvrable the missile is; keeping the sidairfriction low, will make the missile maneuvrable, but only unless it reaches a high speed, high velocity missiles (or AA-Missiles) would not reach the Target with high maneuvrability and standard sideairfriction. I could write a novel about making PBO-Edits and making Ultimate Weapons.

Commander Guns Smoke

The huge pile of smoke that the commander gun "exhales" is actually linked to the
muzzleEffect = "";
adding this/overwriting existing values with this one will remove the "overly strong smoke effects" of some guns (commander seat seems to be mostly affected by this).
Note: To remove "STANDARD" Smoke from Guns, you have to edit CA.pbo\Data\Particleeffects\config.bin\ and there "weaponFireGun" and "WeaponFireMGun" as well as "class WeaponCloudsGun" and "WeaponCloudsMGun" -> look for the "cloudletSize" and "Size" values, as well as "Timetolive".


VTOL = 1; Behaves like a "Short Runway takeoff", but only bad hovering ability, plane loses speed and height
VTOL = 2; Behaves worse than =1, plane loses speed slowly, as soon as it reaches "close-to-hover-speed", but it loses height and can only be recovered if at acceptable height rapidily, expect the plane to start dropping like a stone if it reaches a airspeed < 80
VTOL = 3; The VTOL of the Osprey; perfect vertical takeoff-landing, perfectly stable hovering capability. Plane loses NO HEIGHT AT ALL until the thrust is increased/lowered. Plane acts almost like a helicopter, but not entirely. Note: Plane only gains speed at a slow rate; this is due to the VTOL 3 simulating the Osprey "switch-engines", which takes a certain speed to switch "forward" so the plane gains the full thrust power. So holding down Q after disengaging Autohover will make the Plane accelerate a bit slower until it reaches the threshold, the full thrust kicks in like an "Afterburner".

Weapons in general

reloadtime is quite confusing, if you are new to editing games of the Arma/OFP-Series.
It means how fast the weapon CYCLES and not the MAGAZINE reload time (that one has it's own parameter).
NOW, a short thing of math can be done to calculate the correct RPM that the value for this param translates to.

The math goes as follows:
we want reloadtime=0.1, which translates to somewhat about 600 RPM (roughly the same as in real life).

Can be calculated/visualized using:
reloadtime=1/(600/60) OR
which both return a value of 0.1 (so 0.1 = ~600 RPM)

This can be used for making mods or changes with easy-to-change RPM's, since you already got the wanted cyclic rate in there (600 in the example).
So for a "CIWS Phalanx" (3000 RPM) you could either set it to calculate:

reloadtime=1/(3000/60) or 1/3000*60 OR reloadtime=0.02 (which is the return value of 1/(3000/60) or 1/3000*60).

I personally use PREDETERMINED values (like reloadtime=0.1), and do the math myself, so the game doesn't need to do that. But, it can be way easier to overlook and change/tweak if you see which RPM you'll get in the end.