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Technical & Performance

  • Shift to utilization of multiple (n>1) cores for both server (preferred priority) and client (if possible at least used by engine for multithreaded file R/W operations) Dwarden

Weapons Vehicles & Units

  • 3D Iron Sight for grenade launcher M203 (M16A2 + M203, M4 M203, M4A1 203 ACOG, M16A4 GL, M16A4 M203 ACOG GL) and also GP-25 (AK-74+GP-25) (GL in mode w/o crosshair is nearly useless) Dwarden

Dedicated Server

  • Please add string gamename with value armedass into server's GameSpy 2 protocol query. This allows filter different games w/o gamename using same query port over longer timeframes (easier for coding query software). Dwarden


  • Ability to set number of 2D/3D sounds manualy via config files (1.00-1.05 hardcoded to 16 2D + 16 3D sounds ) to utilize power of high end audio cards. Dwarden


  • Expands external sources (http/ftp forward/download) wish: Dwarden
    • Native support to uncompress (within ArmA engine) archive formats GZIP, ZIP, 7z downloaded by ArmA engine from server or external source (smaller = faster + lower bw hit at server) Dwarden
  • Data downloading info
    • add actual download speed information (in Bytes or KiloBytes per second ) Dwarden
    • add approx time to finish download (in Seconds / Minutes) Dwarden
  • anti-TeamKill wishes: please create a TK counter with following features --Dwarden
    • 1) there should be points for TeamKill, TeamDamage, TeamVehicleDamage, TeamVehicleKill, TeamStructureDamage, TeamStructureKill etc. (each as server options) increasing TK counter Dwarden
    • 2) TK counter decreases over time (server option) Dwarden
    • 3) when TK counter reach max threshold value (server option) then player is auto-kicked (1st time, 2nd kick results into ban XY min. (server option)) Dwarden
    • 4) include victim vote (server option) Punish / Forgive / Nothing (empty vote), where punish double TK points and forgive removes TK points for that action against voting victim Dwarden
    • 5) each violation (counter increase) gives offending player warning via chat (no counter values given to avoid abuse) Dwarden
  • Anti-spam feature (server option) --Dwarden
    • works same way like TK counter, with own max threshold (lines / words per time frame (server option)), decreases over time (server option) Dwarden
    • also can be configured against vote spamming (server option) Dwarden
    • offender is muted from channel(s) when reaching threshold (server option) Dwarden
  • Voice chat / Custom sounds / Radio sounds related features--Dwarden
    • Icon + Name of player indicating that he is actually using voice chat (option-able, easiest to get own separated GUI window like Options one) Dwarden
    • ability to disable (mute) voice chat and/or custom sounds / radio sounds for each player separately Dwarden
    • ability to disable (mute) voice chat and/or custom sounds / radio sounds for squad / group / channel / all / etc. Dwarden
    • ability for server admin to globally mute voice chat and/or custom sounds for selected player Dwarden
  • Interface suggestion for Chat History:--Dwarden
    • new standalone GUI window for Chat text messages and Engine info/warning etc. messages with 3 sub-sections: Dwarden
      • A) Combined (both chat and engine messages) Dwarden
      • B) Chat only Dwarden
      • C) Engine messages only (switchable via menu same way like Options) Dwarden
    • new key bind to show/hide this GUI window on the fly (of course can be closed by mouse or call by mouse, needs new menu entry Chat for mouse way) Dwarden


  • Weapon resting feature --Dwarden
    • ability to rest weapon (similar way like in game * Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 at edges/tops of objects, obstacles, vehicles etc Dwarden
    • improves aim precision in similar way how "hold breath" but with way better stability Dwarden
    • there will be no breath penalty but resting prevents player from fast movement away from spot (similar delay like when standing up after laying on ground) Dwarden
    • this could be expanded to include deployable bid-pod (sniper rifles, LMGs, MGs) and tripod (HMGs etc.) with similar effect on aiming and similar penalties Dwarden
  • Climbing over small objects / obstacles --Dwarden
    • Ingame there is already possible 'get over' for certain fence [Sahrani Eg,75] (yet it's nearly 1.0 m high) so similar animation may be used or improved from Dwarden
    • user then may trigger this movement at any obstacle/object lower than 0.5m Dwarden
  • Visuals & UI Dwarden
    • Compass & watches in 3D mode (scenarios w/o map available, type of weather w/o visible sky): Dwarden
    • Ability to change theirs size & position on screen in 3D mode (similar like with map interface ones) Dwarden
    • Simple way example: 1st time pushed K = brings up Compass, 2nd time pushed K = minimalize and move to side, 3rd time pushed K = disable compass
      • Or even better full scale animation where soldier looks on watches & small compass on his hand Dwarden


  • MP - Mission downloading information ( as now users are in 'blind' status while downloading mission or updating server data and that need change
    • add maximal size of downloaded mission / server data block etc. (in Bytes or KiloBytes) [already in wishlist]
  • Grass effect on horizont for distant observer--Dwarden
    • main problem became horizont - e.g. You are at hill peak but can't see anything due to grass yet AI/human in MP can clearly see Your head/body, solution: Dwarden
      • to avoid this problem game could utilize "blur" effects above such edge (hill top, terrain shift etc) for distant observer (no option to disable this in same way like grass) Dwarden
      • or faster and simple way : don't show anything from unit until it reach certain "value" e.g. ~0.5m above hilltop edge Dwarden
      • both ways needs game engine to check if there is any 'grass' rendered around targets which are observed by AI / player at that hilltop edge Dwarden
  • AI changes --Dwarden
    • AI reactions need to be more chaotic with longer RND response times (instead of just do nothing / instant precise response) Dwarden
    • AI aim at longer distance `should be` less accurate, especially if target is moving or close/behind trees and bushes instead actual insta precision hits Dwarden
  • Vehicles Dwarden
    • When vehicle's wheel pneu got damaged/shot thru and got another reserve pneu (like UAZ) add option to "exchange damaged pneu" Dwarden