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Basic information

Bohemia Interactive
Arma 3
Part of Arma 3 Tools package on Steam


WorkDrive is a tool designed to replace the previous scripted systems in order to provide a more reliable way to manage the work drive (P) and its content


Line call:
WorkDrive.exe <option>

/debug: Display the output
/Mount [drive letter] [source]: Mount the work drive
/Dismount [drive letter]: Dismount the work drive
/InstallBuldozer [game path] [destination path]: Install and configure Buldozer
/BuldozerNoP: Use the game as Buldozer program (needs to be combined with /InstallBuldozer)
/UninstallBuldozer [install path]: Uninstall Buldozer
/purgeGameData [target path]: Will purge all extracted data
/extractGameData [game path] [target path]: Will extract the game data from the game to the target directory
/unlinkFolders: Will remove the symbolic links previously created
/linkFolders: Will create the symbolic links as described here
/extract [file path] [destination]: Will extract the given PBO and unbinarize relevant files
WorkDrive.exe /Mount /InstallBuldozer /extractGameData


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See also:
Additional information, Buldozer, Buldozer Configurator, P drive/settings

Additional information

Returned codes

  • Success
    • 0x0
  • Internal
    • 0x00000001: User cancellation
    • 0x30098001: Elevated process without parent.
    • 0x50098101-5: Args flagged as incompatible.
  • Project Drive
    • 0x50001001: The Project Drive path is invalid.
    • 0x50001002: Failed to mount the work drive.
    • 0x50001003: Failed to unmount the work drive.
    • 0x50002001: Failed to create Symbolic Links.
  • Buldozer
    • 0x50003001: Failed to install Buldozer.
    • 0x50003002: Failed to uninstall Buldozer.
    • 0x50003003: The parameters source and destination are invalid.
    • 0x50003004: Invalid source directory.
  • Game Data
    • 0x50004001: Failed to populate the destination directory.
    • 0x50004002: Failed to extra game data.
    • 0x50004003: The source is not a valid install of the game.
    • 0x50004004: The destination directory cannot be the same as the tools directory.