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Survive on a deserted island, build your own ship, and explore a whole randomly generated world in the Exploration paid DLC. Entering Exploration allows you to explore infinite islands with different biomes, diverse flora and fauna, and dangerous encounters.

Exploration DLC costs $20 and it can be purchased on PC only, it’s not available for any mobile platforms. If you purchased the game in Early Access, you should have received the DLC already. If not, please PM our community manager, Nikki.


Every true explorer needs good tools! Equipment is divided into several categories: Clothing, Weapons, and Tools. All of these can be either crafted or looted in various Random Encounters.

There are several tools that are a must-have in your Inventory. Some tools will allow you to perform a particular action that cannot be done otherwise, or some other tool might unlock crafting recipes that other tools don’t.

  • Knife - extracting resin or rubber from trees, and crafting poles, leather, most clothing, and many decoration items.
  • Hammer – making stone blocks (with an iron chisel), making iron tools on the blacksmith forge, and many more crafting recipes.
  • Axe - creating log blocks, ship helms, some wooden tools, and some coconut items.
  • Saw - cutting trees down one at a time and crafting wooden blocks.


You’ll need to use the environment and craft your own things to survive in Ylands. You can start crafting in the Crafting Panel. All recipes are visible from the beginning of your adventure so you’ll know where you’re headed.

Ylands and Survival

Every time you sail to a new map, a random map of up to 4 Ylands is generated. Unless it is your starting Yland map, each island is one of 3 different tiers. All Ylands are populated by animals and monsters alike. Normal fauna is found all over the Ylands and their type depends on the Yland’s biome and more dangerous, mutated monsters occupy caves and come out to hunt at night.

  • Starting Yland
    • Resources: clay
    • Animals: no predators
    • Climate: moderate
  • Tier 1
    • Resources: clay, iron, sulfur, saltpeter
    • Animals: common predators and mutants
    • Climate: random
  • Tier 2
    • Resources: clay, iron, sulfur, saltpeter, zirconium, coal, gold
    • Animals: common predators, rabid predators, mutants, and tainted mutants
    • Climate: random
  • Tier 3
    • Resources: clay, iron, sulfur, saltpeter, zirconium, coal, gold, copper
    • Animals: common, rabid, and furious predators, common, tainted, and infested mutants
    • Climate: random

When it comes to surviving there are several factors to consider. First of all, each biome has its own climatic conditions, so adapting to those will be crucial. You should wear appropriate clothing, use fire for warmth, and avoid freezing water. You also have to eat enough food and take care of any wounds you might suffer with bandages.


You'll have to build your own shelter with a bed to sleep and you'll need a boat to travel to other Ylands. Building revolves around different blocks you can stack together to form whatever you want.