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Main Menu

The game section of the main menu is reserved mainly for games created by the community where you can try out and see what other Ylanders created together with them, your friends or on your own.

Featured games - The first thing you see is games that are listed as featured. These are games that have been hand-picked by the Ylands team for their quality and we recommend you to try them out.

All Games - Here you can search and filter for whatever your heart desires.

Multiplayer Lobby - If you’re interested in seeing what other people are running on their servers, you’d like to meet other people in worlds that other Ylanders created or join someone’s exploration game, you can go to the Multiplayer Lobby section and choose what world to jump in from there.

How to play

There are several ways to start and play a game because you have several ways to enjoy almost every one of them.

Multiplayer games that have been uploaded on the Workshop can be found in started from All Games or Multiplayer Lobby if they have a server running. Some games can be played locally which means that you don’t need a server to play them and you can run them on your computer. Every uploaded game has one dedicated server that’s always running and there can be user-owned servers.