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Much like a Water Volume, this tool allows the creator to add areas of terrain. However, this tool is more powerful and also allows the creator to remove terrain from an area, delete entities from an area, and the area itself can be many more complicated shapes, instead of just a block Zone with 3 dimensions.




The creator can choose from the following shapes:

  • Block

Ylands Terrain Volume - Block.jpg

  • Pyramid

Ylands Terrain Volume - Pyramid.jpg

  • Diamond

Ylands Terrain Volume - Diamond.jpg

  • Ramp

Ylands Terrain Volume - Ramp.jpg

  • Sphere

Ylands Terrain Volume - Sphere.jpg

  • Ellipsoid

Ylands Terrain Volume - Ellipsoid.jpg

  • Cylinder

Ylands Terrain Volume - Cylinder.jpg

  • Cone

Ylands Terrain Volume - Cone.jpg

  • Capsule

Ylands Terrain Volume - Capsule.jpg

  • Path
    • Sweep Shape: Road
      Ylands Terrain Volume - Path 1.jpg
    • Sweep Shape: Tunnel
      Ylands Terrain Volume - Path 2.jpg
      • The precision can be set to Normal or Classy.
      • The creator can also choose an inner paint for the material on the inside of the tunnel.


All shapes have an X, Y, and Z dimension, with the exception of Sphere (only radius) and Path (only width).


The creator can choose any of the following: Clay, Coal, Copper, Dirt, Gold, Grass, Gravel, Iron, Rock, Saltpeter, Sand, Snow, Sulphur, Wet Sand, or Zirconium


  • No Script Tiles can currently be used with Terrain Volume.
  • Once the terrain is added or removed, or the entities are deleted from the area, the Terrain Volume can be moved or deleted. This is another difference between Terrain Volume and Water Volume.