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Applies torque (rotation momentum) to the center of mass of the given object. Torque force is defined as vector [x, y, z] applied in world space. If you need to define torque in model space, convert the torque vector first by vectorModelToWorld or vectorModelToWorldVisual command. The torque applied as impulse. Diagram below explain which way the object would rotate. For more information see NVIDIA docs

A single application of torque would produce one impulse, which may not be enough. In this case consider applying a series of continuous impulses, for example to make a quad bike to roll forward:
onEachFrame { quad addTorque (quad vectorModelToWorld [100,0,0]) };
This command doesn't follow convention for torque direction, which obeys right-hand rule. To comply, negate all values in the vector.
Object Manipulation


object addTorque torque
object: Object - PhysX object
torque: Array - world vector in format [x,y,z]
Return Value:


Example 1:
Apply torque [1000,0,0] to object not factoring object positioning:
_wheel addTorque [1000,0,0];
Example 2:
Apply torque [1000,0,0] relative to object:
_wheel addTorque (_wheel vectorModelToWorld [1000,0,0]);

Additional Information

See also:
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