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Defines a comment. See SQF Syntax - Comments to learn more about comments.
This command is evaluated during execution, and as such is infinitely slower than other SQF comment methods (// comment or /* comment */) which get preprocessed and do not exist at runtime). See SQF Syntax for additional documentation on comments.
This command is only used to place comments in unpreprocessed codes, such as trigger On Activation field, object init field, etc. Alternatively, one can use a plain string followed by a semicolon as a way to comment; e.g "Some comment";.


comment text
text: String - the comment
Return Value:


Example 1:
In a preprocessed SQF script (e.g. when doing execVM "myScript.sqf")
comment "This is a commented line"; // bad "This is a commented line"; // slightly better // This is a commented line // perfect
Example 2:
In an object init field (in editor):
comment "This comment works"; "This comment works too"; // This doesn't work /* This doesn't work either */

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See also:
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Tom_48_97 - c
Posted on Sep 12, 2009 - 19:50 (UTC)
Like Armed Assault, you can not use brackets to make a multi-lines comment. But, in a sqf file, you can make a comment as follow :
comment " first line seconde line";