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Returns edit control text selection in format [start, length, selectedText].
length can be negative if text selection is made from right to left. Use abs with length or count with selectedText if string length is required. start always indicates at what position in text the selection is started. The cursor position will always be at the end of the selection. So if selection is made from right to left the cursor position will be at the left end of the selection. In order to find cursor position add start and length together (see Example 3).
GUI Control


ctrlTextSelection control
control: Control
Return Value:
Array in format [start, length, selectedText] where:
  • start: Number - position in text selection started
  • length: Number - number of the highlighted characters (this number could be negative, see description)
  • selectedText: String - selected text


Example 1:
Selection is made from left to right:
ctrlTextSelection _control; //[0, 11, "Hello World"];
Example 2:
Selection is made from right to left:
ctrlTextSelection _control; //[11, -11, "Hello World"];
Example 3:
Find cursor position:
ctrlTextSelection _control params ["_start", "_length"]; private _cursorPos = _start + _length;

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