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Elevates periscope of a vehicle. Vehicles in Arma 3 which are compatible with this tech are Strider, remote laser designators, the robot arm on Eddie, etc. Please note that SDV submarine has a different periscope, which is just an animated selection and could be raised and lowered with animate command.
  • a user can immediately override any elevation in progress by using assigned keyboard keys. To block user input see the blockUserInput parameter.
  • a PeriscopeElevationChanged entity event handler is also provided.
Object ManipulationAnimations


vehicle elevatePeriscope [turret, elevation, speed, blockUserInput]
vehicle: Object - vehicle with periscope tech
turret: Array - turret on which periscope is located
elevation: Number - elevation range 0..1
speed: Number or Boolean - (Optional, default -1) config anim speed multiplier, 2 - twice as fast, 0.5 - twice as slow, etc. -1 - default config speed. If true is used as param, the change in elevation is almost instant
blockUserInput: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true to disable user ability to control periscope with keyboard. The change is persistent unless set to false again
Return Value:


Example 1:
_eddie elevatePeriscope [[0], 0.75, 0.1];

Additional Information

See also:
periscopeElevation animate PeriscopeElevationChanged Event Handler


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