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The mpStatistics.log file contains some statistics relevant to Join In Progress performance.

Minimum version

Introduced in OA 1.55.


The text file called mpStatistics.log is created in the game folder.

Remote statistics

Since beta 1.59.84886 you can also use #debug jipPerf to check those statistics remotely from a client, without having to terminate the mission. The client needs to login as admin on the server, OutputDebugString Win API is used to output the results, you need to use a debugger or debug output utility to watch it.

Debug output utility:


MP diagnostics are logged into the mpStatistics.log file at the end of mission. This means a mission must end one way or another to have the stats to be written to the file. So are no stats written on the fly/while the mission is running.

Sample entry generated per mission session:

AddInitAndRemoveOverridden statistics ... total messages = 14
1 ... Type_10
1 ... Type_42
1 ... Type_45
1 ... Type_46
1 ... Type_142
1 ... Type_204
1 ... Type_213
1 ... Type_214
1 ... Type_215
1 ... Type_231
1 ... Type_233
1 ... Type_234
1 ... Type_248
1 ... Type_249

The meaning of Type_XXX is unknown.