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Set scenario attributes. An attribute is identified by its property (data when it is an engine-driven attribute) value in config. For the list of all attributes with their properties, see Mission Attributes.
Attributes are available only within the Eden Editor workspace. You cannot access them in scenario preview or exported scenario!
Eden Editor


set3DENMissionAttributes [[section1, class1, value1], ...]
sectionN: String - attribute section. See Sections & Properties
classN: String - attribute name
valueN: Anything - new attribute value
Return Value:


Example 1:
// set respawn type to 3 and respawn delay to 10 seconds set3DENMissionAttributes [["Multiplayer", "respawn", 3], ["Multiplayer", "respawnDelay", 10]];

Additional Information

See also:
get3DENMissionAttribute set3DENMissionAttribute


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Posted on 2019-01-02 - 12:09 (UTC)
Usually, the attributes value can be received by
_sectionName get3DENMissionAttribute _attributeName; // See example above
However, if the attribute was not changed and it is default value is used get3DENMissionAttribute might return Nothing, even though in Eden Editor the attribute has got a value. In that case the attribute's config name is not identical to the 'property' or 'data' config value. To get the right values in these cases one has to do:
_sectionName get3DENMissionAttribute _propertyName; // or _sectionName get3DENMissionAttribute _dataName;