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Sets activation distance of Arma 3: Dynamic Simulation for given category.
Dynamic Simulation


category setDynamicSimulationDistance distance
category: String - Can be:
  • "Group" - Infantry units. Set to a reasonable distance, player should not see disabled infantry units. Default: 500m
  • "Vehicle" - Vehicles with crew. Set to a reasonable distance, player should not see disabled vehicles. Default: 350m
  • "EmptyVehicle" - All vehicles without crew. Separated from Props as Empty Vehicles have often more complex damage states and selective destruction. Their activation distance should be larger than the one used for Props. Default: 250m
  • "Prop" - Static objects. Anything from a small tin can to a building. Default: 50m
distance: Number
Return Value:


Example 1:

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Posted on 2017-03-19 - 20:52 (UTC)
Desired distances for "Group" and "Vehicle" must be based on viewDistance and fog to exclude any rendering problems with frequently moving objects. Example:
"Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance ((viewDistance * 0.8) - (viewDistance * fog)) // 80% of maximum rendering and fog distance
But that might impair objects simulations if you are using long-scope optics, so there's a even better solution using cameraView with it:
[] spawn { while {true} do { if (cameraView isEqualTo "GUNNER") then { "Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance (viewDistance - (viewDistance * fog)); // Scoped } else { "Group" setDynamicSimulationDistance ((viewDistance * 0.8) - (viewDistance * fog)); // Not scoped }; uiSleep 0.25; }; };