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This command defines the level of access a user has to editor objects. "objects" is an array of either Editor Objects (eg ["_unit_0"]) or actual Game Objects (eg [player]). If the array is empty then the command will automatically parse all editor objects. "editorType" is the editor type to effect (eg "unit", "vehicle", "center") or "" for all types. "condition" is an executable string that must evaluate to true or false. If true, the scope of the evaluated editor object will be modified. "_x" can be used in the string as reference to the ingame representation of the currently processed array member. "scope" is one of "HIDE", "VIEW", "SELECT", "LINKTO", "LINKFROM", "ALLNODRAG", "ALLNOTREE", "ALLNOCOPY", "ALLNOSELECT" or "ALL". "subordinatesAlso" is a boolean value. If true then subordinates in the editor will be assigned the same scope as the parent.
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map setEditorObjectScope [objects, editorType, condition, scope, subordinatesAlso]
map: Control
[objects, editorType, condition, scope, subordinatesAlso]: Array
objects: Array of Objects and/or Editor Objects
editorType: String
condition: String
scope: String
subordinatesAlso: Boolean
Return Value:


Example 1:
_map setEditorObjectScope [[],"vehicle", "side effectiveCommander _x != side player", "HIDE", false];
Example 2:
((findDisplay 128) displayCtrl 51) setEditorObjectScope [["_unit_0"], "", "true", "ALLNODRAG", false];

Additional Information

See also:
addEditorObject deleteEditorObject findEditorObject getEditorObjectScope insertEditorObject


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