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Load cargo vehicle inside vehicle if possible, returns bool based on whether the vehicle was able to be loaded. Can also be used to unload a specific loaded vehicle or all loaded vehicles.
Vehicle in Vehicle Transport


vehicle setVehicleCargo cargo
vehicle: Object - vehicle for carrying cargo, objNull to unload specific loaded cargo
cargo: Object - cargo to put/loaded in vehicle, objNull to unload all loaded cargo
Return Value:
Boolean - whether or not operation was a success


Example 1:
Blackfish with no vehicle cargo loaded
private _success = blackfish setVehicleCargo offroad; // true
Example 2:
Blackfish with full cargo already loaded
private _success = blackfish setVehicleCargo offroad; // false
Example 3:
Unload specific loaded vehicle (will paradrop if dropped from high altitude)
private _success = objNull setVehicleCargo offroad;
Example 4:
Unload all vehicles (will paradrop if dropped from high altitude)
private _success = blackfish setVehicleCargo objNull;

Additional Information

See also:
Vehicle in Vehicle Transport canVehicleCargo enableVehicleCargo getVehicleCargo isVehicleCargo vehicleCargoEnabled


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ImperialAlex - c
Posted on Jul 04, 2016 - 18:46 (UTC)
objNull setVehicleCargo _cargoVehicle - will unload specific loaded vehicle, and _trasportVehicle setVehicleCargo objNull will unload all vehicles. The unloaded vehicles will be paradropped if the altitude is high enough. See: BIforums